Canon 5DmkII Tests – Part 1

So the testing continues. I had this week to go though some of the features and configurations that I think would best work for my style of shooting. Here’s what I found:

  • Using a Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter is the way to go. All my cameras are now universal to my tripods. And I can balance the cameras to any need.

  • The audio from the built-in mic is OK for a scratch track to sync to. Although using a production mixer or an adapter like a JuiceLink or BeachTek is quite helpful. The digital audio recorded is only 10bit with a frequency range of about 300hz to 8khz. So use an external recorder when possible. I had some pretty good luck running my Sennheiser wireless receiver straight into the EXT MIC input in a pinch. A good mounting solution for your receivers is the BeachTek MultiMount 5D.

  • If you are trying to connect your production mixer to the 5D HOSA makes a great XLR to stereo mini adapter. You just need to be careful with your gain staging – otherwise use one of the adapters I mentioned earlier to even out your microphone input levels.

  • I am pretty well invested in Nikon and have a lot of Nikkor glass that I still like. I found a great F to EOS adapter from Fotodiox to allow me to use my lenses on my Canon. It is the consumer version around $30 and popped right on. To that I say…Right On =) I also bought an FD to EOS adapter for an older Canon FD 35mm ƒ2.8 lens that a friend gave me – works like a champ. It was around $40.

  • I’m using the CAVISION matte box system with RedRock Micro’s support system just makes it – but nice. I need to get a good donut adapter for the back of the matte box – Still looking…
We’ll, that’s all for this one. Check back soon =) Thanks

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