My Sony EX3

Well, in spite of all the hoopla (mine included) with the 5Ds and 7Ds, I still like my Sony EX3 a whole bunch =)

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a Jenny Craig video blog and I used my trusty EX3 and it worked like a champ. Easy in / Easy out… no tools required. My friend is the primary on the GIG but occasionally will send me to fill in. Very cool. We shoot on sound stages, in homes and on location. This camera is really suited for fast moving production. I am now typically shooting with KinoFlo Diva 400’s and some Lowel ViP Pro-Lights for interviews – again, easy in / easy out. They are lite weight, low power and low heat. The EX3 is such a light vacuum, the output of the Divas is sometimes almost too much. I have downloaded some of the new custom settings that people are coming up with to give a more “film like” look. They are really nice. When you combine this with a little color grading in post it looks terrific.

I use an IDX A-E2EX3 Endura Battery Power Adapter to fit my bigger
90mw B4B batteries on the back. I can run almost 4 hours per battery and the camera looks a little beefier in that config.

If there is any concern about the “size” of the camera package I just add the matte box and FF system and we seem to be fine. Plus I like the added comfort of the FF and rails.

More to come with the EX3. I think so much of production these days is akin to the philosophy painters use: They could paint a great sea scape with water colors or oils or acrylics — and it would turn out just fine. But, the real artistry is knowing which medium is going to best represent what the artist is imagining. Lets all keep our pallets fresh and full of color =)

‘Til next time,

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