IDX AC100 V-Mount Camera Power Supply

AC100 Power SupplySo I recently had the opportunity to use the new IDX AC100 camera power supply on a project I was doing for Motor Trend.  This is a nifty little clip on supply that fits in place of my V-mount battery on the back of my rig.  The shoot was only going to be 15 minutes but we had a full day of install and rehearsal and then 2 hours of rehearsal and stream prep the day of the shoot.  I didn’t want to be changing batteries every hour or two for the project so I thought I would try this solution-
It worked great!
I worked with the folks at VMI, inc and IDX to get a demo unit for the week.  I had read about the power supply earlier in the year but wanted to really give it a good test.  This project seemed like a nice opportunity.

The supply itself is well built and clean in design.  There are V-mount connections on each side.  The idea is that the power supply clips onto your V-mount battery port and then you can add a additional battery to the back of the power supply in case you need to pop off your sticks and run to capture a shot – Brilliant!

As you can see in the pictures, the supply is just slightly larger than my V-mount plate.  It’s pretty light weight.  The power cord that comes with the unit has a nice right angle connector that allows the cord to drop straight down from the supply.  I was running my Sony Fs5, and the Atomos Shogun from the power supply with out any problems.  It provides 100 watts at 14.5V@6.9AV constant.

All in all I liked my experience with the AC100 and will likely get one this year.  My plan is to power the camera, the Shogun and maybe a small lens control system from the rig.  I’ll keep you posted.
Until next time, good shooting and editing and grading,