Apple…Brain Fart??? FCP X ???

OK. So I have to ask the same question that every other editor is asking – WTF???

A quote from a director friend of mine:

It looks like the Amiga Toaster Flyer mated with iMovie and gave birth to Vegas Prosumer.

Not to be rude – Apple has always been a mile ahead of the rest of the world and maybe it is so this time as well… but, really. At first blush FCPX seems a little FCP’d Up. Too harsh… Sorry, I’ll tone it down.

So, like everyone else, I have seen the footage from the “SuperMeet” at NAB and the speculation sites and finally the pieces starting to float up on the web by new owners. I have to say it looks very attractive at first but then you start to look at the list of missing features… These are things that everyday editors use – regularly… I just read another report of how Apple is working hard to add these features back into the next update — but I would ask, why weren’t they in there in the first place?

As I said a minute ago, Apple is always ahead of the curve. So once the missing features get added back in this could be a pretty stomping app — but it looks a lot like “iMovie on steroids” right now.

Lets keep our fingers crossed =) Go Apple

—————ADD ON——————–

OK, so I have to ask… Is Apple planning to buy Adobe?

I’ve spent all morning reading various posts about a definite migration from FCP to either AVID or Premiere CS5.5. It started to dawn on me that one possible reason Apple would gut FCP so badly and call it “professional” is to create a stampead to another NLE — Premiere, their closest competitor. With a very similar history in development and timeline it would make since. When Premiere left MAC it was still clunky. Now after it’s return and apparent growth spurt it seems to be the new “BIG kid on the block”. I’m wondering if Apple realized it would take far too long to re-invent FCP 64bit from the ground up as a professional application and that it made more since to stake a claim in another company… So, Apple creates “iMovie Pro”, calls it FCPX for a legacy tie in. Then buys Adobe later in the year. Adopts CS5.5 as the new FCP studio collection. Adds Color and Sound Track Pro / Logic into the collection to round out the total production environment and poof… SMOKE for under $3000 bucks…

Just a thought…