Oops… I might have been wrong… FCPX??

OK, so I might have been a little off in my speculation about Apple buying Adobe – or not – just backwards. What if instead of Apple trying to buy Adobe, Apple is thinking about selling it’s Pro Application Division? I didn’t come up with this – it’s been rumored on the web about Apple maybe wanting to sell it’s Pro App division. This would make sense then about the current state of FCPX.

Lets just suppose Adobe were the intended buyer… FCP and Premier Pro are almost even on the playing field – you can’t have a company with two stellar editing platforms – one needs to be elevated and the other brought down a few pegs. Does Adobe have a prosumer editing package anymore? So now there would be iMovie Pro for the consumer / prosumer and Premier Pro for the full time editor. Audition to replace STP and After Effects for Motion. Color could stay around as a stand alone grading tool and compressor would / could get absorbed by Adobe Media Encoder. All at 64 bit.

At least this would make more sense than the idea that Apple just didn’t follow though on the re-development of Final Cut at this stage. The re-design took a long time and they had input from industry professionals. There has to be another reason… Then again this is just all speculation. However, I am taking another look at Premier Pro CS 5.5… Could be fun.

Just another thought


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