PSA shot with the 5DmkII

Here’s the scoop on my first real outing with the Canon 5DmkII. My friends in the Sam Morrison Band are playing a fund raiser to help support the cure for Diabetes. It’s a Harley ride called Rip’s B.A.D. Ride (Bikers Against Diabetes) held in Irvine each year. This year it’s on Sunday June 13th at Oak Canyon Park. The band felt that attendance needed a little push this year and asked if I would help them with a “quicky” PSA talking about the ride and American Diabetes Association’s cause — I said sure.
The plan was to shoot kind of generic as they would be doing more from the road on their own. This is only one in a series of events they are playing this season and they want to do a video for each. I went with a background rag and some soft pattern light. I used a Diva 400 “lollipopped” over the lens and a pair of Lowel ViP pro-lights from the corners of the background stands as back lights. I am the “King of Flat” after all =) The pattern was a Mole “Teenie Weenie” shooting though a pattern cut out of some bead board from Michael’s Art Supply. We went 3200K on everything to make it look really warm and friendly.

For the camera I set it at ƒ2.8 @ 1/30th 1080/30p. ISO was at 500 to give me some apeture fiddle room in case someone got squirmy. I put my Canon L 24-70mm ƒ2.8 zoom lens on as the catchall range for interviews. I used my Marshall V-LCD70XP on a Manfrotto arm as a local monitor – peaking really helps with the focus while recording and the false color filter is great for exposure tracking.

For audio I used my Shure FP33 field mixer to feed both the 5D and a Zoom H2. I put a Sennheiser EW100 lav mic on each speaker and panned them on to their own channels. Later in post I decided to go with the H2 recording although the tracks from the 5D were not bad… =)

To finish I used Streamclip to convert the footage (into XDCAM EX 1080/30p) for FCP 7. I started to run the final edit though Color 1.5.1 and then decided in the interest of time to just do a little touch up with the 3-way color corrector in Final Cut. I put the Broadcast Safe filter on at the end just to hedge my bets. Again, we wanted this to be real warm and friendly so it has an extra orangey feel to it =)

Over all I’m pleased with the final product. (We basically did it in a morning.) The 5D worked well and it was a good opportunity for me to get a real project under my belt with it. I want to explore some of the other ProRes settings for FCP and Streamclip. I think that’s going to be the final quality point. Audio was easy to sync up (short form). Now I just need to configure the kit into a couple of cases and an easy cable layout…

Please check out the PSA – Click Here

I’ll keep the updates coming. Happy Memorial Day!!!

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