As part of the Dance Family documentary we are working on this is an interview with Miss Suzanne Freehling - Second generation dancer and instructor in a family of dancers streching back to the 1920's.  She is joined by her brother, Terry, during the interview as they reminisce about their mother, Miss Margarita Otero, who founded the origianl dance studio in the Upland area of California in the 30's.  We shot these interview on Sony FS5's and X70's. This is another fine Polydactyl Pictures production.

This is part of a large branding project for Christy Curtis Yoga .We spent the day at a house in Orange County working with Christy and her students to get the "The Story Beyond the Mat". As part of the content marketing movement this is designed to draw traffic to the site and show yoga in a whole new light.

I was asked by Mark at Porta-Jib to create a demo video for their new multi use Explorer camera support system. I was doing a lot of work for Kelly Blue Book at the time and said I would use it on a car project. While I'm not the best person to be in front of the lens I think I got the message accross. LOL
Another profile piece to be used in branding and content marketing, this segment is one in a series of videos for Signature Landscape. It features Moe Kohee the founder and lead architect of the company and his philosophies.
This testimonial piece is another segment in a series of videos for
Signature Landscape
. It features Jim and Patty W. who recently had their backyard completely re-landscaped.
SoCal Tankless is a great company here in South Orange County. They provide a exchange program for water heaters from the old tank based to the new tankless systems. these system occasionally need cleaning and descalling. Mike and his company will do the service for you or you can watch this video for a step by step yourself.
Meet Peggy... One of the stars of the new promo video.
I used a combination of my EX3 and 5DmkII for the to settings. I produced a "limbo" look for the "Twilight Zone" scene and a flat "Leave It To Beaver" look for the 50's style kitchen scene. I added a film grain and gate jitter to the final output for something fun.
If you are a blonde female and life just doesn't seem to make sense, it could be time for "Blonde Booster". This miraculous non-organic supplement can help you to feel smarter and accomplish simple tasks with ease. Isn't it time to be a brighter blonde?

This is our spoof spot aimed at the pharmaceutical spots of today. I shot it all on my Sony EX3, edited in PPro 5.5 and graded in Davinci Resolve.

This music video is a tribute to the Men and Women who protect our freedom every day. The Band wanted to commemorate family and friends who have served or are serving now. We shot it all on green screen and delved deep into stock footage libraries for the backgrounds. The post took 3 passes, pre-edit grading and key prep, edit, post-edit grade and output.
Taped on location at Valerie's home, this is one in a series of blogs done for the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program. Shot on my Sony EX3, we lit warm with mixed 32k instruments and 56k natural lighting. Valerie was excellent as always and got this in one take.
This is one in a series of interviews I recently did for the LCMS conference of Lutheran Churches. The project was produced by
South Coast Studios in conjunction with Code4 Media Group.

I shot the whole series with my 5D2 rig and some Diva 400's. The zoom was fed from my Shure FP33 mixer as was the camera. All the editing, sound sweetening and color grading was done in Premiere Pro CS6.

This is another of the SCS-LCMS interview series. I had a much larger room to work with here and was able to make the background really fall off.

The background was warmed up by my Mole 650 open face with some full CTO on it.

This PSA for the Sam Morrison Band and American Diabetes Association was shot on my 5DmkII. It was lensed with the Canon 24-70mm ƒ2.8 L lens. I used the Zoom H2 as the external audio recorder-worked great. I fed both the zoom and the 5D from my Shure FP33 field mixer. The footage was converted to XDcam EX 35mbps clips and edited in FPC 7.1 This is one in a series of "quickie" PSAs done for the band and their upcoming events helping to raise money for various causes.
Produced by Lyon Studios in Newport Beach California this spot is planned as a short run for use in Nevada this spring. Shot all green screen, Mr. Jones was very professional and fast. We lit with 4' Kinos for the green screen and a 650 ARRI with Chimera as the key. We used twin 250s over the top for the back lights and a 2 bank Kino for fill. Quick and easy.
This spot was shot in one afternoon in down town Phoenix, Arizona. We used two Beta SP packages with standard 14:1 Canon lenses. In post we added a film look and soft blue filter that gave this piece a great 35mm feel.
As an element of Coby's site, we produced this product endorsement for the Upper Canada Soap and Candle Company. Shot at sunset we used 3 open face 650 Mole Teeny Weenies for the key lighting and 2 Pro lights for rim lighting. The "shallow focus" was done in post to reduce to background distraction.
Recorded at the in Orange County, California we produced this 5 minute video as part of a larger training series for Bart. This clip is the conclusion of his lessons for the first DVD. I used a LETUS Extreme 35mm adapter with a Nikon 50mm @ ƒ1.4 on my EX1 for the intro piece and the stock lens for the music portion.
Shot on location, we used mostly bounce lighting to create the warm/golden feel. There was a Mole 650 over Coby's left shoulder for a kicker to separate her from the granet background. The majority of the shots had a small background blur added in post to draw your eye to Coby and the products.
This commercial was shot in about an hour in the Pasadena Fashion District. The store was featured in a collection of commercials shown at the Entrepreneur of the Year awards in Los Angeles. We shot on Betacam SP with a 537A at around f4.0
Taped on location in Temecula at Franco's home this is one in a series of podcasts to generate interest in Franco and his ability to host his own cooking show-Franco's Kitchen. We shot with two Z1's and maximized on blending the natural light with our own instruments to make for a more homey feel to the segments.
Another in Franco's cooking series, Franco's Kitchen, this segment was produces using 2 Lowel TOTA lights bounced off the white ceiling for soft front fill and 2 Pro lights over the top as kickers. The goal is to maintain a natural feeling rather that a sterile staged layout.
This segment is one in a series of training clips created to help teach makeup techniques. It was shot on a sound stage with a full softlight package as the key lighting and spotted pro lights for the kickers and specials. The footage was captured on a pair of Z1's and backed up using DVrack for real time metering and scopes.
Shot all in one office, we used the benefit of my LETUS 35 Extreme DoF lens adapter to create a very shallow set with smooth falloff. The goal was to keep a tight draw for the viewer's eye to the speakers and their message. We lit the scenes with 2 KinoFlo Divas at 56k and 2 Fresnel 650's at 32k for the hair and background. The office footage was run'n'gun with the stock EX3 lens and available lighting.
This video was shot in early 2001. We acquired all the footage on BetaSP using a Sony D30 with a PVV-3 back. It was edited on a Media 100 and then mastered to digital betacam. We were shooting for 10 days around Southern California at various locations and offices. Chapman Digital Video produced and did the editing. This video can now be seen at many local offices.
This segment was one of several shot around the world for a yearly meeting of the Wisdom corporation. This is the Anchor Steam brewery in San Fransisco, California. The goal here was to show the inner workings of the brewery from the employees point of view. We were in and out in one day with a simple lighting package and Betacam system.
Using a full green screen stage we produces this open in an afternoon. The theme of the DVD is "Tame Your Mane". Using a great plug-in from DV Garage we were able pull a clean key in FCP and put the finishing touches on the spaghetti open.
This talk show was created in an actual hair salon in Orange, California. We would go in and shoot on Sundays when the salon was closed. We used a pair of Sony 537A Betacam cameras and a small jib. In this clip we are interviewing "Jasper" a hair stylist to intro the show. We put one Mole 1K nooklight with a 4x4 silk in the front for a soft key and two 650 open face instruments (dimmed) over the top for warm back lights.
This is the opening we created for the Warren Harding documentary called "The Wall of the Early Morning Light" Accept for the archival film footage, this piece was shot completely at The Project Studio in Santa Ana, California on their insert stage. We used a Sony D-30 camera and lit with a limbo lighting style to draw the attention to the items in the center of the frame.
The Sam Morrison Band is always having fun in the studio and this little cover is a great example. We shot this in an hour at their producer's studio. I pulled out the O'L Z1 for this one. I added a heavy film look and stutter from FCP and did all the grading in Color 1.5. Great fun.
Sam is a "Huge Cincinnati Reds Fan" and a "Huge Pete Rose Fan" so over the summer he asked me to shoot this quick video to help try and get Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame. This was me, a boombox and the band for 45 minutes. Then we had a bunch of friends send in clips for use in the chorus... 10 hours of editing and grading later...
This music video was shot in one night at the Galaxy Theater in Southern California. It was shot with a Sony D30 on DVcam tape. It was then bumped to Hi8 and given a mild film look before digitizing. All of the editing was done by Greg "Just Plain Irving" Kasparian on an iMac special edition using iMovie.