Trey Solberg

  • Multi Camera Production

  • EFP Single Camera Filmstyle Production

  • Testimonials and Webcasts

  • Commercial Production

  • Green Screen Chroma Key Production

  • Post Production and Color Correction

I've spent the last several years working on everything from reality paintball extravaganzas to multi-camera interviews with musical artists like Sammy Hagar and Aerosmith. Recent projects have included chroma and luma key sets, web interviews and messages for clients like Jenny Craig and BEHR Paints and TV commercials including Fletcher Jones Motor Cars of Newport Beach.

Part of my freelance work has also been in the staging industry. I have gone from working on "sports lens - ballroom shoots" to 5 day candids modules. I've also worked as a TD (...TDTrey), EIC, Audio FOH or Video Projectionist. These days I am focusing on being a shooter that knows a little color correction and grading. Please check out my demo page.

Official Resume'