12G… What’s on the horizon I wonder???

So at last year’s NAB the big announcement from Black Magic Design was the Production 4K camera and it’s ability to use 6G SDI to get the signal down one pipe.  This year it’s the introduction of the URSA and a 12G pipe.  Along with BMD, Atomos introduced a new external recorder, the Shogun, which also is sporting a 12G connection…

So I’m wondering what’s coming down the pipe??  If 6G is able to handle 4K UHD no problem…  What can 12G handle?  Are we aiming for an 8K world in the near future??  It would be interesting.  If you think about it, the new URSA has a great architecture for  future proofing – replaceable lens turret with the sensor inside.  As sensors increase in both spacial and temporal resolution they just have to release an update for a moderate price and have it “plug into” the URSA body… Not a bad idea. 

Enter the Shogun…  If a 12G feed is the new goal then this is the recorder that can keep up with it.  Atomos seems to be on the leading edge.  Also the Shogun is the new planned companion recorder for the Sony A7s and it’s 4K features.  I just like that it’s a 7″ screen and now has XLR I/O with Mic/Line/Phantom settings.  I have the Samurai Blade and like it a lot.
No big revelations here.  Just me pontificating on a Saturday morning =)
Until next time, Good shooting